SafeStyle's Story!

Hey legends!! My name is Tim Lewis and I'm from Perth, WESTERN AUSTRALIA.

Before I started SafeStyle, I was a Tradie. I was a qualified Plumber for 8 years, but in May 2017 that’s when everything changed. I was driving home from a job and saw myself in the rear vision mirror wearing my “speed dealers,” and I thought, WOW! I need to find a decent pair of safety glasses. When I realised there was no such thing, I had the crazy idea of inventing the world’s first casual style safety glasses that were certified to Australian Standards. 

So, go on - treat yourself and grab a pair of SafeStyle Safety Glasses and see what all the hype is about! 

SafeStyle about the owner photo

Who decided that safety eyewear can’t look good? For too long, when it comes to eye protection, safety and style haven’t been in the same sentence. Why is it, when tradies think safety eyewear, they think of nearly every excuse not to wear them? Today, a worrying number of workers are left compromising their own safety by avoiding the very eyewear supposedly meant to protect them. Introducing SafeStyle The first safety glasses that don’t look or feel like "safety glasses". All the protection, with none of the discomfort. The safety glasses you’ll never want to take off. Look good, feel safe. 

One pair of sunglasses for all occasions! For ON and OFF-site!
AS/NZS 1337.1 & ANSI Z87.1+ Certified safety glasses.