Phantoms Spotlight: Why Top Athletes Wear SafeStyle Phantoms

The Phantoms are SafeStyle’s Performance eyewear, designed for ultimate protection during sport, outdoor adventures and overall domination!

We’re showcasing some of the Athletes, adventurers and all-round legends who have been rocking the Phantoms to maximise their performance.

Check ‘em out! 

Mitch Marsh

The Bison, Australia’s T20 captain, a true Aussie cricket icon and SafeStyle Brand Ambassador. 

Mitch Marsh

Even before becoming an official SafeStyle Ambassador, the Phantoms were Mitch Marsh’s sunnies of choice for the cricket field.

Mitch loves the comfort of the Phantoms frames, the clarity of the lenses in the field, and above all, the ultimate protection the Phantoms give him out on the cricket pitch.

For him, sun protection is massive for staying sharp during long days in the field, but the Phantoms also provide impact protection for any unexpected hazards.

Plus, he looks bloody good rockin’ ‘em!

You may have spotted Mitch wearing the SafeStyle Phantoms in the 2024 T20 World Cup in the USA and West Indies.

The Bison’s personal favourites are the Phantoms Matte Black Frame Reflectors Blue Lens – for clarity of vision and an ultra-striking, ice cool look.

Keep an eye out for Mitch rocking the Phantoms for Australia in T20, ODIs and Test cricket. 


Matt King

Matt King is a Heavy Diesel Mechanic and passionate off-road cyclist… 

He wears Cruisers on the worksite, and Phantoms at the weekend whilst crushing it on the bike.

Matt King cycling

His favourite pair for tearing up the gravel tracks is the Phantoms Matte Black Frame Polarised Lens.

At first, we were just stoked to see a legend truly rocking SafeStyle ‘from the worksite to weekend'.

But we found that Matt King had another story to tell.

A much more important story…

Matt had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Sarcoma – an extremely rare form of cancer.

What is awe-inspiring though, is Matt’s relentless and infectious positivity and his desire to use his struggles to help others.

That’s why we're sharing Matt’s mind-blowing story with the world.

Check out Matt’s story in The Journey: Vol. 6.


Haydn Barron

Haydn Barron is an Aussie pro golfer on the DP World Tour and proud SafeStyle ambassador.

Haydn Barron

Haydn loves wearing the SafeStyle Phantoms as elite protection from the harsh sun on golf courses across the globe.

From Brisbane to New Delhi and beyond, the sun is intense when you’re out on the golf course all day.

Haydn also loves the clarity of vision the Phantoms give him around the greens – a huge advantage in a sport where the tiniest margins make the difference between winning and losing. 

The Phantoms Matte Black Frame Reflectors Red Lens is Haydn Barron’s go-to pair. 

As Haydn's a stickler for style, the Red Reflector fits the bill, and the vivid red really stands out on the golf course.

Catch Hadyn on the DP World Tour – live on Kayo.


Phoebe Thomasson

 Phoebe is another young Aussie tearing it up across the globe.

She’s a talented runner who completed the 2024 London Marathon as a New Balance athlete.

She’s also up at crack of dawn every morning getting in the Ks with her Scarborough (WA) run club.

Phoebe Thomasson

Phoebe usually rocks the Phantoms Matte Black Frame Polarised Lens and the blackout look is sick.

She loves the Phantoms’ lightweight fit, which is super comfy for long runs (even on the 42nd km!)

Give her a follow on socials - phoebethomasson on IG and runwithphoebe on TikTok.

If you’re a full-time runner or a budding beginner, try the SafeStyle Phantoms on your next run.

They’re light, comfortable (with rubber nose pad and temple tips) and offer ultimate eye protection that other performance sunglasses simply don’t.


Pick your pair of Phantoms

Like all SafeStyle eyewear, the Phantoms are AS/NZS 1337.1 Certified for Medium Impact. 

That means you could finish your morning run, roll straight into the worksite and the Phantoms will be good to go!

Plus, the fit is ultra comfortable and sturdy.

So, they’ll stay on your face whether you’re tearing down the dirt tracks on your bike or if your taking Bison-inspired diving catches on the cricket pitch.

The ultra-wide vision is also tailored for performance.

This removes any distractions in your vision, allowing you to stay laser focused – whether you’re cycling on the road, or sinking big putts to beat your mates on the 18th.

Whatever your sport, whatever your hobby or whatever the job, the Phantoms is where ‘Performance Meets Protection.’

Go get your pair legends!