SafeStyle Pouch

SafeStyle Pouch

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SafeStyle Pouch

Protect your safety glasses from getting scratched while your not using them.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Scott Rubie

Recieved using and loving the new red glasses.
Great for riding motorcycle in any light behind a tinted visor and in twilight.
Thanks guys.

Thomas Johnson
Awesome product

The best safety glasses I've ever worn. They stay on perfectly and after a while you don't even feel them on your face.

Amanda Moroni
By far best and most sturdy safety glasses on the market !

I now have 3 pairs of these little rippers! A clear and black classic framed blue light lenses and also a clear tinted pair of the fusion lens. Working emergency services we are constantly putting our glasses on and off and iv found other brand frames stretch and lose their sturdiness and shape after a while and scratch very easily where the safety styles have withstood the constant wear and tear beautifully and are comfy to where on the long shifts. Very high-quality and highly recommended! Thanks safety styles

Allan Guilbert
Love them

Where them all the time

Michael Pertile
Great design and look. Perfect for what l was needing.

Really well made and have filled a much needed void in my PPE case 👍