SafeStyle.. a simple idea brought to life. One pair of safety sunglasses that changed the game forever.

Hey legends! My name is Tim Lewis and I'm from Perth, WESTERN AUSTRALIA.

Before I started SafeStyle, I was a Tradie. I was a qualified Plumber for 8 years, but in May 2017 that’s when everything changed. I was driving home from a job and saw myself in the rear vision mirror wearing my “speed dealers,” and I thought, WOW! I need to find a decent pair of safety glasses. When I realised there was no such thing, I had the crazy idea of inventing the world’s first casual style safety glasses that were certified to Australian Standards.

SafeStyle has evolved since 2017 into a worldwide company that can and will give back. We love donating to charities and are now an official partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We collaborate and donate to Movember, sponsor apprentices and healthcare workers and many more.

“The Journey” A platform created in hopes to bring inspiration to like minded groups and individuals to bring success to many generations to come. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

VOL 1: FIFO Tradie X Van Life
In this episode we aim to put an emphasis on how a regular guy can achieve a not so regular life. Part time Fifo worker and full time frotha Tori Branton gives us his perspective on how to balance a life between polarising environments. His ability to harness the power of meditation and his willingness to connect with people in and out of the workplace is truly inspiring. Let’s dive in and submerge ourselves in Toris world and learn how we can coordinate a dream life between work and play.
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